Essilor Instruments

Essilor Instruments is a division of the Essilor Group, leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of solutions and services for eye care professionals throughout the world.

Essilor Instruments provides a wide range of cutting-edge technology, bringing you access to innovative equipment in order to deliver the very best inpatient care. We aim to provide pioneering optical instruments to meet the needs of eye care professionals, helping to improve efficiency and quality of service. With the right instruments, you can also strengthen your trusted relationships with patients and inspire loyalty and satisfaction.

Essilor Instruments is a leader in visual screening tools, along with diagnostic and imaging equipment, providing the latest in measuring and connectivity solutions. Over the last few years, Essilor Instruments has won 5 Silmo d’Or innovation awards.

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Powerful with platform

Mr. Blue 2.0

Give your talent the tools it deserves.

Mr. Orange

A perfectly balanced concentrate of technology


Everything you need to race through your workload


Neptune Filtering & Recycling System

Pro E 600

For the forward thinker

Vision-R 700

Accelerate refraction without compromising on accuracy

Vision-S 700

Space-saving refraction with one compact station