Renewed Design
Most cables are concealed minimizing dust attachments and reducing interference between operator and instrument.
Cables for connecting an imaging system can also be concealed, achieving a sleek stylish hygienic design.
New product color scheme adds to the overall high quality feeling.


Use of High-luminance LED light source

New red reflex illumination combined with a high luminance LED gives OM-9 a brighter reflected light from the fundus.
Bright and sharp LED having excellent color reproducibility is used for OM-9.

Reduction of the Characteristic Blue Light of LED

The projected light is soft and easy on patient’s eyes by reducing the peak of the characteristic blue wavelength of LED.

Optical Design

New Optical System

New OM-9 optics are suitable for both cataract and vitreoretinal surgery.
By adopting a standard objective lens F=200 mm, the OM-9 is fully suited for vitreoretinal surgery. (compatible with a BIOM viewing system)
10x eyepieces bring a wider, brighter & sharper view with a larger depth of focus


Tiltable Binocular Tubes

Tiltable binocular tubes available, which can incline more than 90° depending on the posture and physique of the operating surgeon.
Movable range: 0° (straight) to 90° (inclined)

Microscope Tilting Mechanism

By adopting the knob interlock system, the microscope tilts back and forth easily, necessary in the application of glaucoma surgery.
Movable range: around ±30


Various options

Various options are available.
For details, contact our Sales Department.

Fundus Observation Devices Adaptations

Oculus BIOM adaptation and EIBOS 2 adaptation of HaagStreit Surgical are available for OM-9.
For details, contact our distributor or our Sales Department.

Microscope Specifications

Motorized Zoom System

Motorized zoom microscope, tiltable binocular tubes, X-Y coupling

Motorized 5-step Magnification ChangingSystem

Motorized 5-step magnification microscope, 45° inclined binocular tubes, X-Y coupling

Manual 5-step Magnification Changing System

Manual 5-step magnification microscope, 45° inclined binocular tubes, straight coupling

Examples of Combinations


Configuration ID Voltage Coupling Microscope Binoculars
    X-Y Coupling Motorized Zoom System Tiltable Binoculars
OM9XZ230 AC 230V
    X-Y Coupling Motorized 5-step Magnification Changing System 45° Inclined Binoculars
OM9XE230 AC 230V
    Straight Coupling Manual 5-step Magnification Changing System 45° Inclined Binoculars
OM9SM230 AC 230V


  Magnification changer Motorized zoom type (zoom ratio 1:5) Motorized 5-step magnification changing type Manual 5-step magnification changing type
Objective F=200mm (apochromatic corrected optics)
Eyepieces 10x (high-eyepoint & wide field) 16x (high-eyepoint & wide field)
Binoculars Tiltable Binocular Tubes F=170mm 45° inclined binocular tubes F=125mm
Total magnifications 4.1x to 20.4x 4x,6x,10x,16x,25x
Real fields of view φ49mm to φ9.8mm φ56,φ37.3,φ22.4,φ14,φ9mm
Focussing stroke 30mm
X-Y movement stroke ±25mm in each direction (with centering function)
Illumination System Direct illumination
Light source LED
Field of illumination φ55mm
Illumination control 9 steps
Filters Heat-absorbing, Blue correction filter,Yellow filter, Retinal protection
Arm, base Mount Floor stand
Maximum arm extension 1045mm
Arm vertical stroke 400mm
Base size 640mm × 640mm
Other Weight 84kg
Power consumption 70VA
Power supply AC120V, AC230V ; 50/60Hz