Navilas® 577s Pro

Product Code: NavisLas Pro

More precise – faster – economically efficient
The Navilas® Laser System 577s is the next generation after pattern lasers due to the unique benefits of its proprietary navigation technology. Our navigated laser is proven in practices and clinics worldwide across major retina applications and more. The Navilas ® 577s Pro is:
More precise and reliable
Pre-planning, retina navigation and caution zones for enhanced quality assurance of treatments
More comfortable for patients and doctors
Reduced pain of pattern application, optimized ergonomics and enhanced working distance between patient and doctor
Faster and more efficient
44 % faster application of laser spots, better patient cooperation and efficient use of team resources
Your affordable path to the nextgen retina laser

The all-digital Navilas® 577s Pro is the next generation after pattern laser available at competitive pricing and growing with your needs