Brand: Takagi
Product Code: UN-21

In combination with an operating microscope, the chair can serve as a bed for examination and treatment.

(An optional OM Arm is required to install an operating microscope.)

The AUTO-RETURN switch automatically returns the chair to its original position.

A memory function allowing you to pre-select the reclining angle at any position is provided as standard (one memory).

The standard foot switch controls the chair’s elevation, stop, tilt back and forward.

An optional arm-rest and I.V.pole can easily be installed.

The chair upholstery is made of high-grade material holds a patient comfortably.

225 kg lift rating.

Rotation 30° clockwise, 225° counterclockwise from step side
Elevation By power hydraulic pump motor.
Elevation Stroke 250mm
Reclining By power hydraulic pump motor.
Reclining Angle 65° from upright position.
Headrest Vertical Movement 120mm
Head rest Tilting 20° forward, 110° backward
Allowable Load 225 kg
Power Supply AC120V, 230V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 800VA
Weight 121kg